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Gift Cards

Benefits of a Cardsource Electronic Swipe Gift Card over Paper Vouchers.

Promotional / Incentives - Whether for a relative, a friend, an employee, or an incentive reward, Gift Cards are an excellent promotional tool. A card builds brand awareness as it’s always in the purse or wallet. Gift Cards offer advertising space at a low cost.

Increased Sales - Effective display at the Point Of Sale increases impulse purchases & profitability.

Gift Card Data Versus Paper Vouchers - With Electronic Swipe Gift Cards, you have the facility to monitor purchasing activity and trends.

Effective Target Marketing - Data collected from each swipe of the gift card on you POS System helps you to focus your marketing efforts.

Security - Gift Cards are not activated until sold, and have no value to anyone until that moment – Paper Vouchers however, must be treated as ‘money’ at all times, stored out of sight and handled securely.

Less Returned Merchandise - With Gift cards, the end-user spends the stored value on the products they want, reducing the number of goods returned and exchanged.

Hanging Pieces / Carriers - Affixing cards to well-designed carriers or hanging pieces promotes your Gift Card programme and again, increases impulse buying.

gift cards
Loyalty Cards

With Years of experience and expertise, Cardsource can provide you with everything you need to get started.

Customer Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your customers and gain valuable information about spending patterns that can be used to support targeted, more effective promotions.

Benefit from increased customer loyalty, higher sales and by seeing your customers shopping patterns. Target areas to incentivise frequent customers or win back customers you haven’t seen in a while.

The bonuses or discounts earned by your customers each time they shop at your outlet, will attract them back again and again to redeem their rewards.

With Facilities for bar-coding, magnetic encoding and thermal printing, Cardsource can supply everything you need from design to manufacture, and right through to the personalisation of each individual card.

loyalty cards